Revive your supercar.

We are specialized in high quality supercar repairs, servicing and upgrading.

Shiny and perfect

Get your car polished, ready to impress everyone. The process starts by cleaning and removing all the dust and dirt from the car, then we start polishing filling scratches and protecting your car paint.

Dedicated high-end workshop

Give your car a new life, our workshop is prepared to offer the best maintenance, repair and customization services to our customers.

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Highly trained technicians

We are expert technicians who are specialized in supercars. To us, service quality and customer satisfaction are the only things that matter, you will be assisted by our experts to solve any problem with your car.

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We are available to answer to all your questions about our services.

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Only high quality cars

Porsche Carrera 996 3.4

110000 AED


110000 AED

Porsche Carrera 996 3.4